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New Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Aerophilatelic

Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions


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Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Aerophilatelic

Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions

Article 1: Competitive Exhibitions

In accordance with Article 1.4 of the General Regulations of the F.I.P. for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (GREV), these Special Regulations have been developed to supplement those principles with regard to Aerophilately. Also refer to Guidelines to Aerophilatelic Regulations.

Article 2: Competitive Exhibits

An Aerophilatelic exhibit is composed essentially of postal documents transmitted by Air bearing evidence of having been flown (ref. GREV Article 2.3).

Article 3: Principles of Exhibit Composition

3.1 Aerophilately represents a study of the development of air mail services and a collection of documents pertaining to such development.

An Aerophilatelic exhibit has therefore as basic contents:

1.    Postal documents dispatched by air.

2.    Official and semi-official stamps issued especially for use on Airmail, in mint or used state, but principally on cover.

3.    All types of postal and other marks, vignettes and labels relating to aerial transport.

4.    Items connected with a particular means of aerial transport, not conveyed through a postal service but deemed important to the development of air mail.

5.    Leaflets, messages and newspapers dropped from the air, as a way of normal postal delivery or on the occasion of postal services interrupted by unforeseen events.

6.    Mail recovered from aircraft accidents and incidents.

3.2 The arrangement of an aerophilatelic exhibit derives directly from its structure following a basic pattern:

1.    Chronological

2.    Geographical

3.    Means of transport

a)    Pigeon

b)    Lighter than air

c)    Heavier than air

d)   Rocket

(ref. GREV Article 3.2).

3.3 Aerophilatelic exhibits may include ancillary items, such as maps, photographs, timetables and the like as long as they are considered vital to illustrate, and draw the attention to a particular point or situation. They should not overpower the material and accompanying text on display. (Ref. GREV Article 3.4).

3.4 The plan or the concept of the exhibit shall be clearly laid out in an introductory statement (ref. GREV Article 3.3).

Article 4: Criteria for Evaluating Exhibits (Ref. GREV Article 4).

Article 5: Judging of Exhibits

5.1 Aerophilatelic exhibits will be judged by approved specialists in their respective field and in accordance with Section V (Articles 31-46) of the GREX (ref. GREV Article 5.1). 5.2 For Aerophilatelic exhibits, the following relative terms are presented to lead the Jury to a balanced evaluation (ref. GREV Article 5.2):

   1. Treatment and Philatelic Importance


2. Philatelic and related Knowledge, Personal Study and Research


  3. Condition (10) and Rarity (20)


 4. Presentation





Article 6: Concluding Provision

6.1 In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation, the English text shall prevail.





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